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Please join us in going paperless! In an effort to go “Green”, and for your convenience, we made the decision to go {almost} fully paperless. This gives our customers the opportunity to carefully review their move documents AHEAD of their move in the comfort of their own home or mobile device.

This Moving Service Agreement is dated by and between The Furniture Taxi®, and (Customer/Shipper). Customer hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions for the move of their personal property by The Furniture Taxi®. Let it be noted, The Furniture Taxi® shall also be called "Company", "Moving Company," "Mover," or "Carrier." The actual customer shall be called "Customer," "Shipper," or "Client."

A. First we want to Thank You for your business and welcome you to our family of Atlanta Furniture Movers, The Furniture Taxi®. Our main goal is to safely relocate all of your belongings from one location to the next in a timely manner with 100% customer satisfaction. Please note, the Customer is the SHIPPER; the Moving Company is the CARRIER. If you have any questions before, during or after your move, please call us immediately to ensure we resolve any problems quickly and prior to the move being completed. After the move is finished, it's very hard to go back and fix any issues that may have occurred.

B. Our responsibility, as your Customer Service Coordinators, is to assist you with all details pertaining to your household goods shipment. The moving consultant is your primary point of contact with The Furniture Taxi® throughout your move and our number is 404-228-7404. With this in mind, please keep our number handy throughout the process and call if there are any changes to your moving dates, or if any questions arise. Per the Georgia Department of Public Safety Requirements, we strongly encourage you to read "Your Rights and Responsibilities" and "Ready To Move Brochure."

C. The labor clock will start when the crew arrives and will stop when we say "Good Bye". (See further details under Storage or SIT if that service is needed). Please note your arrival window is based on availability and subject to change should unforeseen circumstances arise; such as, weather, traffic jams, emergency truck maintenance or other unexpected delays. Upon the arrival at the destination, the driver and staff will place any and all items where ever you choose. Keep in mind to pay very close attention to these details because moving the rooms around will cause the move to extend in more time and result in more money. Your estimation is based on our hourly minimum rates. Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) are a 2-hour minimum. Weekends (Friday-Sunday) are a 3-hour minimum. Each hour after is prorated within 15-minute increments. *Minimums may increase during peak seasons and/or holidays, or based on service areas.

D. A Local move is defined as a relocation that takes place within a 50-mile radius from the origin to the destination. There are many factors (i.e. Stairs, Hallways, Elevators, Long Carries, Steep Driveways and more...) that need to be discussed upfront to assist your moving consultant in providing the best personnel, trucks and equipment. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain a parking permit should one be required for the trucks to park on their street or within their community in order to load/unload the shipment. The cost for local moves are based on the number of hours and movers needed to safely and quickly move everything, the time it takes to move your belongings and the drive time between your old and new residence is included. It is also the Shipper's responsibility to reserve an elevator should one be available at either location. Also, the movers do NOT stop the clock for such things as weather, traffic, closing delays, the need to run to a bank or ATM last minute to pay for the move, declined credit cards, calls to the bank, inaccessible units, unavailable parking, or any other unforeseen circumstances that are out of the mover’s control.

Our Services Include The Following:
• Quilted Blanket Protection
• Non-Powered Tools
• Dollies
• Floor, Wall & Doorway Protection Kits Available
• Pickup and Delivery
• Labor Time For Loading And Unloading All Items
• All Necessary Disassembling And Reassembling (Custom Furniture & Cribs Not Included)
• Basic Insurance Coverage
• Worker's Compensation

2. Payment Terms: All moves are to be paid in certified funds or money orders (Payable To: The Furniture Taxi®), cash or credit card. We do NOT accept personal or business checks. If paying with credit or debit card, a 3% convenience fee will be applied to the total. We will need the cardholder to be present for signature and swipe. If cardholder will not be present at the destination, we will need a signed credit card authorization prior to move starting. Please notify us if you need one emailed, mailed, or faxed to you.

2(a). *Please note, if move extends after regular business hours (past 8pm), we will process a "funds verification" for the estimated total before the completion of the move. **It is customary to pre-authorize your funds upon commencement for the anticipated total, and to close out at least 1 hour prior to move completion. We may also collect for any anticipated remaining total prior to unloading your shipment. At that time, you should begin to do the walk around with your foreman to ensure all items, contents and property is safely placed where you desire. Should the total time exceed the amount pre-verified or collected, the remaining balance must be paid prior to the last item unloaded.

2(b). *If you are moving into a private storage unit, mobile container or rental truck, then you must pay in CASH or CERTIFIED FUNDS only. Credit/debit card and personal/business check will not be accepted.

*I understand the only methods of payment accepted are Credit/Debit Card (see 2b above), Cash, Certified Check/Money Order. There is a 3% convenience fee on all credit/debit card transactions. Personal/Business checks are NOT accepted.

2(c) *Failure to pay will result in your goods being shipped back to The Furniture Taxi® warehouse for storage until payment in full will be made. Should this occur, customer will be charged the same hourly rate for the time it takes to travel back to warehouse and time it takes to unload contents. Customer will have 24 hours to pay remaining balance in cash or certified funds only. After 24 hours, a monthly storage fee of $20/per foot ($520 for a full truck) will commence without any pro-ration. This will significantly increase the total amount due. Monthly storage rates differ based on size of shipment. Failure to pay after 30 days means the customer has abandoned their contents and gives full consent for The Furniture Taxi® to auction off all goods.

2(d) *If customer has no intention of paying bill for services rendered, this is considered “theft by services” and charges may be pressed.

2(e). *If someone else will be paying for your move on your behalf, this must be disclosed at least 48 hours prior to your move date so a credit card authorization form can be signed in advance. The minimum balance due will be charged before the start of your move. Should the move exceed the minimum, an additional charge will be made to cover the total cost of the move prior to completion.

3. Changes/Cancellation: If your move has been confirmed, and movers arrived at your location, then you are responsible for the minimum charges of the move. If a deposit was paid, and you did not give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation in writing to, then you forfeit your deposit. If you need to change your move date, please notify us in writing as soon as possible to ensure that we can accommodate your needs. All rescheduled moves are subject to availability. Cancellations must be submitted no less than 72 hours prior to your move in order to receive a refund for your deposit.

*I have ready and fully understand all payment and cancellation policies listed above:

4. NEVER pack jewelry, money, important papers, medicines, guns, ammo or other valuable articles for shipment on the mover's truck. Carry them with you. We are NOT responsible for these items. The Furniture Taxi® LLC will NOT be held liable for damaged or missing valuables such as cash, jewelry, small electronics, etc. Please be sure to remove them prior to the pickup date.

5. All loose items are to be packed and sealed in a box and ready for our crews to move. However, we are a full service moving company and are more than happy to assist with packing. Let us know prior to your move date if you need us to bring any boxes (charges will apply for box/supplies purchases). Mattress bags, wardrobe boxes and boxes for marble, glass, mirrors or flat screen TV's are NOT included in the cost of the move and will be charged additionally. Those items MUST be boxes/crated in order to go in our trucks/vehicles. *If customer opts not to use a mattress bag or box/crate for items mentioned, customer will not hold The Furniture Taxi® liable for any damages that may incur. Any extra materials needed will be at an additional cost.

6. SERVICE/TRIP FEE: In addition to our hourly rate, there will be a service fee or trip fee. A lot of people are asking about this service charge and wanting to know the purpose of the charge. In a nutshell, it covers our cost to get our truck(s) and men to your location and back to our shop (portal to portal), and it also helps cover the cost of safety and compliance along with hundreds of things that go on behind the scenes that usually aren't considered.

7. Unless indicated in your move quote, this estimate does NOT include Packing Supplies and/or Packing Services. Packing materials will be charged based upon use, unless indicated "Full Packing" which will be applied accordingly at an additional rate per cf/lbs. Please note, The Furniture Taxi® LLC will NOT load unprotected items onto truck, such as: Fragile/Bulky/Breakable items / Flat Screen TV’s / Glass / Mirrors / Ceramic / Artwork / Ceramic / Marble / Mattresses / etc.

8. (PBO) Packed By Owner - Definition: Articles packed into cartons or crates by the shipper, not the carrier. Terms: If damage occurs to any items packed by shipper, the carrier will NOT be held responsible for such damages to include scratches, dents and breakage to items. Should visible damage to the outer side of cartons or crates be found upon the UNLOAD from truck, the carrier shall notate such damage and inspect items along with shipper BEFORE THE COMPLETION OF THE MOVE.

9. Fragile Items: Any and all items that are easily broken, shattered, or damaged; delicate; brittle; frail; To include, but not limited to: Flat Screen TV's, Marble (Tops, Cabinets, Slabs, etc.), Aquariums (any size), mirrors, vases, concrete, glass, pool tables, chandeliers, lamps/shades, china, vanities, artwork, sinks, statues, concrete planters, green egg grills, etc. In order to properly and safely transport any of these items, they must be crated and discussed upfront with your moving consultant as additional charges WILL apply. Crate fees vary by size. If any of these items are not crated upon our arrival, The Furniture Taxi® will not be held responsible should any damages occur. In order for these items to be insured, they will need to be properly crated.

10. Heavy/Bulky Items: Pianos, safes, vending machines, game machines and any other heavy items must be discussed with your relocation consultant prior to the move. By not doing so you may incur an additional fee. These items are meant to be moved properly and safely with more than two, three, or even four men. Each of these items requires specific equipment that may not typically be on the truck. *All safes, no matter the size, must be emptied prior to moving and shown to the mover that they are empty.

11. Appliances: The Furniture Taxi® will NOT disconnect or reconnect appliances, nor install window air conditioners, television and radio antennas or perform wiring, plumbing, electrical or carpentry services. Should such services be needed, it is advised that the Shipper prepares such appliances with a reputable service provider at least one (1) day prior to move day. The Shipper should properly service and prepare for the transportation of all major appliances; such as, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, freezers, stoves, dishwashers, lawn mowers, etc. Depending on the item, special precautions may be required. This includes disconnecting and draining hoses, emptying and cleaning out refrigerators, removing all ice from freezers, removing propane/gas tanks from grills and lawn equipment, etc.

*I have read and fully understand all policies relating to packing boxes, fragile and bulky/heavy items, handling valuables, appliances and the service fee.

12. Private Storage or Storage Container: Any items being moved into a private storage unit, mobile container, (or even a garage, basement, or any room deemed as storage) MUST be inspected upon delivery to ensure complete satisfaction. The Furniture Taxi® is NOT responsible for any damages that may occur to items while in a private storage facility or container. Furthermore, the customer must ALWAYS be present when the mover is unloading items into a private storage unit or container. Moving blankets may be purchased from The Furniture Taxi® if the customer wishes to keep their goods wrapped while in storage. Should visible damage to the outer side of cartons, crates or furniture be found upon the UNLOAD from truck, the carrier shall notate such damage and inspect items along with shipper BEFORE THE COMPLETION OF THE MOVE, otherwise customer absolves The Furniture Taxi® of all liability. Furthermore, it is difficult to determine the time it will take to unload a storage unit(s) as many factors should be considered; such as the size of the move, amount of movers, accessibility, etc. Certified funds or cash are the only acceptable form of payment when moving into a private storage facility.

13. Storage In Transit (SIT) / Storage: Storage in Transit (SIT) is typically a shorter term storage solution, ranging from overnight up to 90 days. Anything over than that is simply considered storage. However, SIT ranging from 1-7 nights is billed at a daily rate. Anything over 7 nights will be billed monthly. We do NOT offer any pro-rating for our storage, only month to month, beginning with the day you move in. For any client moving into our storage facility please note our facility is clean, climate controlled and individualized. Each item will remain wrapped with all the proper protective materials to include either/or blankets, brown paper pads, shrink wrap, tape and inventory stickers. Storage is billed on a 30 day period, commencing the day you move in. All other warehouse charges are based on hourly-rates.

13(a). ***Storage is termed not accessible to the public.*** However, if you need access to any items, we have to schedule your visit at least a week in advance, and a 2-hour minimum charge for two movers will apply, and be paid at the time of visit. Our warehouse is restricted to Furniture Taxi employees only. If another mover is hired by customer to move items out of storage, it MUST be scheduled at least one week in advance (subject to The Furniture Taxi®’s schedule), and they must provide their carrier license, insurance and worker’s comp policy beforehand. Non-employees are not allowed to handle any contents within our warehouse.

13(b). When planning to move out prior to your storage term you have 3 days after your due date to terminate your contract and/or have items removed with a pro-rated fee. Any time after the 3rd day you will be billed for the entire month's storage unless written notice has been received in our office 1 month in advance.

14. Rental Truck: If the shipper drives their own rental truck, then the Shipper assumes full responsibility for all items on the truck. The Furniture Taxi® cannot ensure the safety of those items, nor can we insure them. The shipper must inspect all items loaded onto truck prior to driving off. Should damage occur to any items while in transit, the shipper understands and agrees that The Furniture Taxi® is NOT responsible in any way, as The Furniture Taxi® (nor any of its crew) did NOT drive the truck. Certified funds or cash are the only acceptable forms of payment when loading a rental truck/s.

15. Shuttle: A shuttle is a service provided by The Furniture Taxi® in situations where a large moving truck cannot access a home or business due to unusual conditions; such as, steep driveways, narrow roads, lack of parking, low hanging tress or wires, etc. A shuttle is essentially a smaller truck, pickup truck or vehicle used to move your shipment from the big truck to your new residence/business and vice versa. It is important to discuss the conditions of your move locations with your service coordinator upfront. Additional fees will apply when using a Shuttle to help cover the cost of an additional driver, double handling your shipment and the extra time it will take to transport your shipment between the shuttle and moving truck, etc. If a shuttle is needed, but conditions of accessibility were not disclosed upfront, this will result in Long Carry and additional time to complete the move.

*I have read and fully understand all policies relating to storage, SIT, rental trucks and shuttles.

16. Filing of Claims/Complaints Procedures: As a condition precedent all outstanding debts to the mover must be paid in full before a claim can be submitted to the company. After which, the customer has 90 days from the move date to file a claim and is subject to acceptance or denial within 90 days of receiving the notice of claim. It is solely the shipper's responsibility to inspect and indicate damaged or missing items on the inventory logs at time of delivery, and to provide photos with the claim. The claim can only be submitted one time. Valuation of claim will be based on those indications subject to the imitations and liability as described on the bill of lading. Liability for the moving company will be in accordance with the liability option the Shipper contracts for. To file a claim or complaint, call your relocation coordinator to request your claim processing form. A claim can be filed on the Company’s website. All costs associated with the claim are the shipper's responsibility.

17. Power of Attorney: Please know that an authorized party (whom is NOT affiliated with The Furniture Taxi®) MUST always be present while the movers are in your home or office. If you need to leave but would like the movers to stay, then they will have to remain outside the premises until you return and will remain clocked in on your time clock.

17(a). If you will not be present on the day of the move, or if someone else will be receiving your shipment, please indicate the name(s) of those that will be responsible below. Name of Authorized Individual(s):

18. Company Vehicles: Only employees of The Furniture Taxi® are allowed in or on any of the Company’s vehicles/Trucks. The Furniture Taxi® can never give a customer or non-employee a ride whatsoever. Please provide your own method of transportation to or from your moving locations.

19. Assisting Movers: While many customers like to assist the movers, please know that this is done at your own risk. The Furniture Taxi® cannot be held liable. Customers/non-employees are not allowed on the Company’s Vehicles/Trucks whatsoever (to include, the cab, lift-gate, or back of truck). Also, our movers are trained to lift heavy furniture in a safe manner, and lifting heavy furniture with a non-employee may result in injury (to either party involved), or damage to the contents or property. Please note, The Furniture Taxi® will NOT be held liable if this occurs.

20. Debris Removal: For any customer planning to donate furniture or unwanted goods to our employees, please be advised it is against our policy to take furniture back with us on the truck. While you may want to donate some items, this is considered debris removal and a minimum fee of $250 will be applied. **For every 10’(ft) of truck space, $250 is to be charged, even if it is only one item. **Certain items may not be removed whatsoever, such as: Hazardous or flammable materials, any liquids, paint and mattresses.

21. Donations/Giveaways: Please do NOT give or donate any clothes, electronics, appliances, furniture, or alcohol, etc., to our employees as this constitutes as debris removal. We have a $250 minimum debris removal fee. While it may seem easier to give something away than to move it, we ask that you do not offer these items to our employees. If you need some furniture/contents removed from your home, this will be done on your “time” clock and billed accordingly.

22. Alcohol Policy: Please do NOT give any alcohol to our employees. Some homeowners feel this is a kind gesture, but it is strictly forbidden. Alcohol is also a direct violation of our company policy. Our employees are not allowed to drink alcohol on jobsites, nor take any containers onto our vehicles (closed, sealed or open). The Furniture Taxi® will NOT move any alcohol on our trucks/vehicles, to include: wine, liquor, beer, even sealed cases or containers of alcohol.

23. Gratuity: Tips are always appreciated, but never expected. It is The Furniture Taxi®'s policy NOT to accept any food, water, drinks or used household items or any giveaways from our customers. However, if you want to offer these kinds of amenities, please do so at your own discretion. The Furniture Taxi® is not responsible for any funds the customer paid for out of pocket to provide such items. Please know that a tip is strictly between the customer and their crew. Yes, it is true, that if you decide to tip on a credit card, the 3% convenience fee is still applicable as it runs through the Company first and then dispersed to the movers.

24. Breaks: Our crews are trained to clock out for lunch and/or dinner, and often times will eat off property. Please do NOT buy our crews lunch and expect The Furniture Taxi® to reimburse you. Many home and business owners will buy lunch as part of a “tip”, or will provide lunch to keep the crews working. While this does not violate any of our policies, our crews are still required to clock out for lunch and/or dinner. Moving furniture while eating is not recommended as it takes two hands to carry a piece of furniture safely. As a reminder, and noted above, the movers will not clock out to wait on you for payment, closings, weather, etc. (see section D).

*I have read and fully understand all policies relating to company vehicles, assisting movers, debris removal, gratuity, donations/giveaways, alcohol, and breaks:

25. Customer Service: Should the customer have a problem on the move, they must call or text the office immediately at time of issue to 404-228-7404 to speak with a manager so we can resolve your issues. While moves may extend after regular business hours, you can still leave a message or send a text and your call/message will be returned as soon as someone is available. Monetary/rate adjustments can NOT be made after the movers completed their job. All services rendered at agreed upon rate are binding. If there are any damages to contents or property, a claim can be filed online or settled based on contractual agreement. Remember, if you don’t let us know there is a problem until after the move is over, then we will not be able to resolve it with you. No news is good news!

Below is an IMPORTANT checklist of do's and don'ts for your move, and you will be asked to initial below. Please read carefully!

1) Any items not packed/unpacked by The Furniture Taxi® will not be warranted unless there is visual container damage on the outside of the container.

2) Any item(s) damaged must be reported to The Furniture Taxi® in writing within 10 days after delivery to be warranted, to include but not limited to: China, glass, clocks, glassware, lamps/shades, mirrors, pictures, artwork, Flat Panel Televisions, or any other fragile articles that are not packed & unpacked by The Furniture Taxi® will be moved at the owners risk only. For any items that contain glass/fragile material (i.e. curio cabinet, glass doors, etc), the glass/fragile material will not be warranted unless item is crated.

3) The following items can not be moved by movers:
-Bleach -Plants -Paint -Open containers of any liquid -Propane tanks or cans -Gas or oil -Butane -Ammunition -Aerosols -Open or sealed containers of alcohol -Fire Extinguishers -Welding gas -Open, non-sealed food containers -Antifreeze -Perishable foods -Disinfectant cleaners -Weapons -Jewelry -Medicine -Cash/Stocks/Bonds -Items of extraordinary value -People/Pets

4) All liquid items must be in a self-sealed container to eliminate leakage. If The Furniture Taxi® moves liquid items, they are not responsible for damage caused by the leak.

5) Because we do not know the mechanical condition of electronics and appliances, we only assume responsibility for items that receive visual damage.

6) Particle board/press board/ready-to-assemble furniture is not structurally created to be moved after it is assembled; These items can be moved on customer’s request but will not be warranted if they are damaged in the move, such as Ikea furniture.

7) All furniture is warranted at $0.60 cents per pound (Basic Liability Protection), unless customer purchased additional coverage - terms and conditions are on the back of moving Bill of Lading. *Additional Valuation cannot be purchased same day as move.

*By initialing here, I have fully read and understood the important checklist of do's and don'ts listed above:

The Furniture Taxi® reserves the right to cancel or refuse to do service at any time.

By signing this form, I have read and fully understand the terms and conditions listed above and all policies within it.
Any questions or concerns have been addressed prior to my signature below.

Thank you for your business!!
by: The Furniture Taxi®

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