Zumba Class Liability Release Form

This form is a legal document. It explains the risks you are assuming by participating in a zumba class. It is important that you read and understand it fully. Once you have, please fill out your information and sign and date.

Agreement Not to Sue

I have volunteered to participate in a zumba class under the direction of YOUR STUDIO NAME, which will include strenous exercise and movement. In consideration of YOUR STUDIO NAME's agreement to instruct and assist me, I do here and forever release and discharge and herby hold harmless, YOUR STUDIO NAME and all instructors from all claims, demands, damages, rights of action or causes of action, present or future, arising out of or connected with my participation in this or any other zumba class related to any injuries resulting from participation.

Assumption of Risk

I recognize that exercise might be difficult and strenuous and that there could be inherent dangers related to exercise for some individuals. I acknowledge the possibilty of unusual physical changes during exercise may exist. These changes can include abnormal blood presusre, fainting, disorders in the heart, and more.

I recognize that all participants, prior to involvement in a strenous exercise class, should get an examination and clearance to participate from their physician. I agree that if I have chosen not to get a physician's permission to begin an exercise regiment, including zumba, prior to starting this class with YOUR STUDIO NAME, I hereby agree that I am doing so at my own risk.

I acknoweldge and agree that I assume all risks associated with activites and/or exercise in which I participate.

I acknowwledge and agree that no warranties have been made to me regarding the results that I will achieve from participating in this class. I understand that results may vary per individual.

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Emergency Contact Name:

Emergency Contact Number:

Please list any and all medical conditions that may impact your health during your zumba class:

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