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Annual Employee Review Form

Review completed on

TIP: For the most accurate info, if you are using this for a 360 Review, each review should be "blind" to the reviews of others. Anonymous reviews by employees facing upward will be more honest and accurate than reviews by specific workers who may fear reprisal.


Employee Name: Employee title or position:
Employee Email: Department: Employee ID:

Review Period:


What is this workers primary metric for success?

How is the worker currently doing on this metric?

0 100

Work Quality

Hate it
Love It!!

Job Knowledge

Hate it
Love It!!

Attendance and Punctality

Hate it
Love It!!

Initiative toward business outcomes

Hate it
Love It!!

Communication and Reception to Coaching

Hate it
Love It!!

Attitude and Service Excellence

Hate it
Love It!!

This worker...

  • Behaves in a matter with the company's mission, values, and vision
  • Demonstrates empathy and understanding toward customers within the framework of company policies
  • Works effectively and efficiently
  • Is viewed as a person of integrity by co-workers, customers, and mangement
  • Is respectful of the ideas of others
  • Takes ownership of problems when approppriate
  • Follows through on projects and does their best to uphold and honor their word

Job Knowledge Star Style

Absolutely Terrible

What is this worker doing well?

FUTURE: Looking Forward

What could be done better?

Goals and Objectives for the next evaluation period:

What are the daily, weekly, or monthly actions or habits required to reach this goal?


Reviewer Name: Reviewer Email:

Reviewer Signature: By signing this form, you confirm you have discussed relevant parts of this review with the worker and/or accurately compiled metrics per above.

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