You'll lose 1/3rd of your stock options or more if you're not prepared.

Learn how a trust can help employees of high growth companies protect stock value, improve tax exposure*, reduce legal liability & transfer wealth.

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    Avoid judgements or liens, Mitigate legal risk
    Avoid 1031 Exchanges for real estate, Defer capital gains in perpetuity including from sale of business
    Protect your loved ones, ensure your legacy

Access the tools used by the vast majority of high net worth families. For owners of a successful business, you can't afford NOT to have one.

Who can benefit from one of these carefully structured Trusts?

Anyone who wants to:

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for liability insurance
  • Render themselves virtually judgment-proof
  • Defer in perpetuity both business and personal tax liability
  • Maintain privacy

*Usual disclaimer: I am not a tax professional or attorney; we formally recommend you seek qualified and licensed counsel for advice on these issues. Actual savings depends on your circumstances and can vary widely, but you'll know up front and quickly if this is right for you, prior to making a financial commitment. For those buying a business, this may help you reduce seller taxes and thus better structure seller financing for earn-out holdbacks during the owner's sunset vesting to consulting. For more information about creative business financing structure, talk to Roger. For SAAS pros with pre-IPO stock options, note that significant tax implications can prevent you from exercising your grants, and a carefully structured trust may be able to help with that.

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