If you could spend $100 to make $180, how much would you spend?

As much as you can afford.

That's the goal of PPC - Pay-Per-Click, also called "SEM" Search Engine Marketing. 

SEO can be tricky, difficult, and unreliable, but you don't need to choose one or the other - choose both! Most SEO experts start with PPC just because it's faster, and like renting a house, you "move in" immediately. This allows you to verify which phrases are going to convert the best.

One-time investment to setup your Google Adwords account for advertising and get thousands of unique visitors. We'll also advise you of expected cost-per-clicks so you can start to get a sense of your cost-per-new-client.

This also includes keyword research, which you'll need for SEO and content marketing anyway, and is the #1 best place to start if you've never made any real money online.

Note you need a website or landing page - an offer - for this to be any good. We'll setup the account, then can either turn the keys over for you to manage in ~ 1 hour a week, or you can subscribe to on-going management services from us or others (packages available from $100/mo).



  1. 30 Web 2.0 blog with 350+ Word article & image
  2. 30 Social Profile With Avatar
  3. 30 Social Bookmark with 100 Word article
  4. 80 Forum Profile
  5. 40 Web Profile
  6. 20 Press Release With 500 Word article

Delivery: 5-7 days for for 1 URL and maximum 5 Keywords / keyphrases. 

This kit is generally for low-competition phrases, or to kick off a specific topic, or in conjuction with other SEO systems. It will not bump you to the top for a high competition national phrase, though it will definitely help with local SEO if your phrase contains a geographic modifier i.e. city name.