This is for an initial consultation but with a deep dive into your site or page(s), so this is well beyond the typical initial consultation.

We will research your site, run various audit tools, investigate competitors, investigate keyword search volume (number of people searching for a phrase per month) and more and provide an actionable report for your current webmaster and/or any team (ours or another). We'll hold nothing back.

We'd love to earn your business, but this is a true consultation and you will be able to take this to any provider with clear instructions.

Also, note this stuff can get complex, there's no way to simplify it - in order to rank you on top, we have to bump someone else off. 

This package includes:

  1. Phone consultation after we have researched the lay off the land pretty thoroughly. We won't know every tiny thing, but will have a very good assesment of where you fall in the competitive landscape, and what's to be done
  2. Detailed reports on what should be done on-page / on-site
  3. Keyphrase volume for the key phrases you should be ranking for
  4. A "brand dominance" report & snapshot
  5. A report on conversion
  6. A follow-up report after our phone consultation about how you can proceed and options, with or without our further involvement.