Maps SEO - Essentials Package 

This will shore up and protect your Google Maps SEO position / ranking for a given keyphrase, and in most cases, will get you to the top of Google for your local area (only).

Note this is Maps SEO, not general SEO, so the goal is show you within the "3 pack" or "5 pack" often at the top of google when the business is known to be local (i.e. "thai restaurant") OR you search with a local-modifier i.e. city name.

This is for most businesses the best way to get to the top of google.

All work will be completed within one week, however please note some details may be subject to Google's editorial control and might take 2-3 weeks (rare, but happens). For most clients, you will see meaningful improvements in about 3 days to position, and how many calls or clicks that generates varies by your industry and business type.

This package includes:

  • Up to 2 hours Top-level management (usually by Roger or other staff in the U.S.), focused on the overall project and most important details and on-google modification and keywords. Will always be a native-USA-english speaker.
  • A "before" audit, in which we look at what's wrong and what's right and what should be improved. Usually this includes incomplete, inconsistent, or duplicate info
  • "Citations" which are off-domain social and directory associations of your address to your business type and details, to help Google associate your geographic info to your business type and thus show your business as helpful to users.
  • Additional evidence: Geotagged photos and other details.
  • We may add some reviews if you have fewer than 5 at our sole discretion, and if we think you need it but don't see reviews to pull from online, we'll help you get them i.e. get real clients to review you.

This is good for a single business location only.

This is work-for-hire; a detailed report will be given to you with details about ingredients completed and URLs modified.

Also includes up to 2 hours (usually enough) work on the Google Maps details itself i.e. on-site on-page work by Roger or U.S. worker.

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