SEO Backlink Package - Starter Package 



  1. 30 Web 2.0 blog with 350+ Word article & image
  2. 30 Social Profile With Avatar
  3. 30 Social Bookmark with 100 Word article
  4. 80 Forum Profile
  5. 40 Web Profile
  6. 20 Press Release With 500 Word article

Delivery: 5-7 days for for 1 URL and maximum 5 Keywords / keyphrases. 

This kit is generally for low-competition phrases, or to kick off a specific topic, or in conjuction with other SEO systems. It will not bump you to the top for a high competition national phrase, though it will definitely help with local SEO if your phrase contains a geographic modifier i.e. city name.

Delivery: 5-7 days  - please let us know 1-3 keyphrases, maximum 5. Due to "keyword variance" we recommend at least 2-3 related similar variations; google will penalize too many identical anchor-text phrases.

If you have content already written, we can use that, or we'll create unique content via machine learning, but it won't read as well for humans even if it does the trick for search engines.

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