Wordpress Foundation Setup 

Wordpress Foundation Setup with 3 Months Hosting, including...

1. Setup of the hosting, email accounts
2. Hosting for 3 months
3. Setup of Wordpress newest version
4. Essential starter content pages
5. Essential plugins
6. Harden the site
7. Design themes
8. Basic contact form
9. Basic e-commerce or lead gen forms
10. Video training
11. Coupons for free trials & advertising.

See video for more detailed description. Hosting on SwiftCloud servers is required for this package, though setup on other servers may be available at different pricing. At the end of the 3 months, a hosting package will be required. CPanel and FTP will be provided upon request. All hosting is subject to terms & conditions specified in our hosting packages, which prohibits spam emails, and we may disable accounts infected with malware. Security consulting and services are not a guarantee you will not be hacked, and most hacks are due to insecure passwords and/or phishing of humans - the technology is rarely the weakest point and method of intrusion. For any further questions, please contact our team

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