SEO Keyword Article (1) - Advanced US Writer - 1,000+ words 

Advanced USA-native writer with researched content following 22 point SEO article with CTA Call-To-Action ending. Includes...

  1. Will follow carefully designed SEO practices, including 2.5%-3% keyword density, best practices for keyword variance, one or more legal stock photos with ADA-compliant image alt tags.
  2. Includes posting into your Wordpress, with carefully written SEO title & meta description leveraging your keyphrase.

This is more expensive than low quality overseas writers - this is well written, US-native college educated, competitor researched content, 1,000 words minimum and if we get in the zone, may go to 1500 words or more.

SEO Keyphrase required i.e. tell us the exact phrase you want to rank for. If you are not sure, we recommend our basic SEO keyphrase research package, which will show you the approximate # of searches per month, so you can guage potential volume and cost vs reward.

You'll be able to revise the content anytime; includes posting into your Wordpress and all SEO meta info.

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