Listings Video - Sell for Top Dollar, Branded To You 

Get More Listings with this Lead-Bait Video!

Get this powerful video designed to make you the expert, help sellers realize the importance of pricing correctly out of the gate to get a bidding war going instead of the old "testing the market" chestnut.

Branded To You!

This video will have your photo, logo, name, phone, and website on the beginning and end, and watermarked through the video, so if anyone shares it, your branding will get shared with it.

This powerful done-for-you video will be uploaded to your YouTube account if you like, and source video given to you so you can upload to Facebook or even burn a DVD for live events like trade shows / street fairs.

Video covers pricing, promotion, & presentation, 

After purchase we'll share the script with you - this has been successfully used in the past by the writer to convert a "maybe" into signed listings, and is being updated.

This should ideally be used with lead-capture as a giveaway to grow your email list and help segment visitors into buyers vs sellers.

Edit is custom to you; we need your Logo, Photo of you, and we'll just say we're your media assistant.

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