Video series aimed at giving executives the high-level overview to focus on the correct big picture. This course is a series of short videos aimed at company owners with only the 20% of information needed to generate 80% of the results. It is not technical in nature.

Course Outline:

  1. OVERVIEW: Foundational concepts. The basics, put clearly, even if you're a total beginner or not a tech person. The buyer's journey, and how it applies to you. Building a "brand base camp".
  2. TRUTH: How to "take your temperature" and see what's working, what's not.
    Using analytics and dashboards. Basic metrics - just a few key numbers - you must know as the executive, and how to get them.
  3. THE HOW: The 19 Traffic Methods, and which is right for you. How to choose & get started. Pros & cons. FREE Traffic Methods vs. Paid.
  4. THE WHY: The #1 reason why campaigns fail, and how to diagnose what is happening with a campaign
  5. THE WHAT: The Waterfall System. Making people care & pay attention. How to get a steady stream of people wanting to do business with you.
  6. THE SYSTEMS: Putting it all together into a cadence for success with compound growth. Delegation, common scams, how to save thousands or more on ad costs, common pitfalls, how to hold your team accountable.
  7. WHERE TO START: The hierarchy of needs. "Playbooks" & preparing to sell your company, even if it's years away.
  8. BONUSES: Advanced concepts, Piggyback Method, Traffic Hijacking, More.

Note we charge for this course because we...

  1. Don't hold back - we give you the very best info possible
  2. Some of this info enables you to circumvent us and hire your own team if you choose, saving thousands or more over time.
  3. It's valuable. What you will see is deceptively simple, distilled from decades of experience, dozens of books, thousands of hours of real-world work and research. 

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