Marketing Coach "GPS System" / Fractional CMO - Monthly 

Marketing Coach "GPS System" / Fractional CMO - Monthly

Compare this to a business seminar and you'll quickly see the value - we'll dive deep into your business, and review the metrics every week.

If you don't already have metrics set up, we'll help you get them set up.

Each call will run about 30 minutes, with an additional 30 minutes allotted off-call for research pre-call (checking details, metrics, SEO rank position, PPC costs, etc) and/or post-call (follow-up tasks, deliverables, "glue" tasks).

Typically we interact with a team of specialists, i.e. someone handling just the PPC Pay Per Click ads for example; if you don't have a team, we can help you assemble one or transition to our Talent Marketplace expert specialists.

Our goal is drive outcomes.

We'll move the needle. Guaranteed.

Month by month. No contract required.

Call is scheduled and should be a weekly set time.

The call is purely focused on what needs to happen, and some implementation needs to be left to specialists or handled separately. 

Call will be video hangout on google, and will be recorded for reference for you.


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