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Thu, Apr 20 - Mon, Apr 24 @ The Woodlands Nature Reserve :: Charleston, SC

Emergence is a co-created event. You, fellow co-creator, are what makes this world magic.
We can't wait to see what you're up to.

Welcome! This form is for Theme Camp Placement, Art & Performance, Events Calendar, Fire Safety, & Special Accomodations.


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EXTENDED: This form will close Sunday, March 26.

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  • The Center Camp village is a busy hub of activities. If you would like to host or volunteer in events at center camp, click on this link and register HERE.


Is anyone in your group expecting to need any special accomodations such as handicap porto potty access, etc? If you have any accessibility concerns, please list them here: (Optional). No pets allowed; if you have a legal service animal please advise below.


If you are NOT finished, and need more time for your registration form, you can click on "Save Unsigned". You will immediatly get an email with a link that will take you back to your registration form. But, please complete your form as soon as possible, then click on "Send". Once you click "Send, the form is submitted, and we will take action on it.

If you accidently clicked on "Send", but need to make edits, go back using your link, make the edits, and Send again. We will ignore the previous submission and only use the most current.

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