Native English Speaker / English as primary language only for this role.

We need 1 smart person with excellent written english.

Spoken skills on the the phone is a bonus but not required.

This is first and foremost a writing position.

Our goal is find someone that will grow with us into a VP of Communication type role - overseeing brand assets, ad copy, etc - the final authority on most written communication matters. You'll need to work closely with marketing and have a sound understanding of marketing basics.

What's in it for you:

  • Work from home / wherever / remote. Part time is usually best to start for both of us just during ramp-up, then once we're both happy, we'll offer you full time.
  • Flexible hours generally, though we need 1 daily meeting for a few minutes via voice approx 8pm, though 90% of this work can be whenever you want
  • You'll learn how to start a company, if you ever wanted to own a company, you'll have a sense for it.
  • Wide variety of work
  • You'll be helping small business owners get success, get their time back to spend with family
  • You'll be in a position for growth / raises / bonuses
  • Fun team
  • We hope this goes well and you get promoted to management and lead a team of 3-7 people

What We Need:

  • Excellent written english
  • Empathy. Someone who really gets into the headspace of the client to know their goals.
  • A love of writing and attention to detail on wording. Most of the writing needed is research into compeitors and forums and online groups i.e. facebook to get a sense for the challenges and problems. Example tasks include
    • Sales pages: researching competitors (we'll give you clear video instructions) then writing sales pages. These are "high resolution writing" - you don't need to slam through 'em, this is your chance to do it right. If it takes 1 whole day for 1 page, it's worth it if quality is there.
    • Blog articles.
    • Social media posts - i.e. reddit, facebook, linkedin
    • Video script rough drafts
    • Ad campaigns copy, if your writing is good enough
  • A daily voice chat with the founder CEO. Accent is fine - daily call will be 1. What got done 2. what's next 3. What problems are you running into, questions to resolve, etc., and a bit of chat about other misc to to, VA type work; refinement of headlines.
  • A can-do attitude. We can't train for that, you have it or don't.

Helpful but not required

If you have any experience with these, please let us know.

  • Wordpress Admin i.e. not theme work or coding, but adding blog articles
  • Customer Service
  • Photoshop or Canva type graphics skills
  • Video editing

About You

Direct Hire Only. All information is confidential; current employer (if any) will not be contacted at this stage.

Where do you live? (City):
Optional: Facebook Profile:
Optional: Personal Website:


      Interview Questions

      What has been your most challenging project you've ever done?

      How would you do it differently if you did it today?

      Let's say life goes great for the coming 5 years. Not "winning the lottery" great, but all goes well according to your goals. What does your life look like? If these plans including leaving us to start that goat yoga business or whatever your dream is, it's ok, some people work for some time and make meaningful contributions during their time with us. We hope we can help you along your path + mutually benefit in the mean time.

      What is a project or task you did recently of which you are proud?

      Why are you proud of this work?

      Rate: We don't have a set budget, of course we want as low as possible, and you want as much as possible - we need to find some balance of talent and cost. What is a fair rate per hour to start with, just for the first 90 days? $ per hour (US$).

      Longer term, we aim to pay top of market so we keep awesome people - we but need to grow a bit first. For those who grow with us, you'll have opportunities for advancement.

      Thank you for taking the time to let us get to know you a bit!

      Once this is sent, we'll send you a copy, and we'll take a few days to consider. The next step in our hiring process is to give you some real-world work, which will get increasingly complex over a series of weeks as each level is passed.

      Note we generally start people on paid test projects first, then hire on a probationary basis which then leads to permanent hires. Coders start on a fingernail, then a finger, then a hand, then an arm before proceeding to open heart surgery. When possible, we like coders to "own" a project and so whenever practical and possible once proven, we'll have you focus entirely on a product, usually new, so you will not spend a lot of time reading someone else's code, but instead writing your own.

      • I certify all the above information is correct and true.
      • Privacy: The information contained herein will be kept confidential, and if you have an active employer, they will not be contacted until we first discuss with you via chat and are ready to make an offer; most typically we would start with some small (paid) test work first.
      • I authorize SwiftCloud to check into all of the above information for purpose of employment via remote contract as an independent contractor.

      P.S. This e-interview was created on SwiftCloud, of course - this is just one of hundreds of potential uses for the system.

      SwiftCloud is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate by race, religion, gender, sexual preference, caste, or any other protected status. US Applicant notice: this position is 1099 as an independent contractor, meeting the criteria as such - using your own computer, methodology per your choosing, and hours of work that you control.

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