Symfony / Laravel Wizard (Remote / Work From Home)

NO AGENCIES: DIRECT HIRE ONLY. Agencies will be ignored.


  1. Senior or mid-level (no rookies or freshers on this one) programming experience.
  2. Part time side-hustle is ok for the right candidate, or full time, or part time to start leading to full time. Our top goal is build an A+ team.
  3. No agencies. No assistants. No teams. Direct hire in-house style only.
  4. Organized, attentive to detail, with clean well formatted elegant code


  1. Cool, challenging, interesting work helping small & medium businesses. We are 100% B2B SAAS - CRM, point of sale, marketing, e-sign, etc.
  2. Really great people. A-team pro's who want to work with other true professionals. Once you're in, we've got your back - steady pay, fun interesting work, code that you "own" to minimize having to work on other people's code, and code that is used by real-world clients.
  3. Reliable steady pay. Flexible schedule - generally work whenever and where ever you like.
  4. Flexibility. Work remotely, on your own schedule. We just care about results.

About You

Direct Hire Only. All information is confidential; current employer (if any) will not be contacted at this stage.

Where do you live? (City):
Optional: Facebook Profile:
Optional: Personal Website:


      PROFESSIONAL PROFILES (Optional but recommended):

      Skills, Code Samples, References


      • Symfony Framework or similar php frameworks (i.e. Laravel)
      • Backend Coding
      • Advanced Databases: Cluster Databases and/or Load Balancing (i.e. Maria / Galera), sharding, etc
      • Python
      • TensorFlow or PyTorch - any AI / ML experience
      • Rest APIs, OAuth
      • Front-end Coding: React.JS, Angular, AMP, HTML5 caching, etc.

      What has been your most challenging project you've ever done?

      How would you do it differently if you did it today?

      Let's say life goes great for the coming 5 years. Not "winning the lottery" great, but all goes well according to your goals. What does your life look like?

      What is the hardest part about working as a programmer?

      What do you most enjoy about programming?

      What is the hardest bug you've had to find & fix?

      Optional: You can also upload a small bit of code

          Why are you proud of this particular bit of code?

          Rate: We don't have a set budget, of course we want as low as possible, and you want as much as possible - we need to find some balance of talent and cost. What is a fair rate per hour to start with? $ per hour (US$). We can re-evaluate after 90 days.

          Thank you for taking the time to let us get to know you a bit!

          Once this is sent, we'll send you a copy, and we'll take a few days to consider. The next step in our hiring process is to give you some real-world work, which will get increasingly complex over a series of weeks as each level is passed.

          Note we generally start people on paid test projects first, then hire on a probationary basis which then leads to permanent hires. Coders start on a fingernail, then a finger, then a hand, then an arm before proceeding to open heart surgery. When possible, we like coders to "own" a project and so whenever practical and possible once proven, we'll have you focus entirely on a product, usually new, so you will not spend a lot of time reading someone else's code, but instead writing your own.

          • I certify all the above information is correct and true.
          • Privacy: The information contained herein will be kept confidential, and if you have an active employer, they will not be contacted until we first discuss with you via chat and are ready to make an offer; most typically we would start with some small (paid) test work first.
          • I authorize SwiftCloud to check into all of the above information for purpose of employment via remote contract as an independent contractor.

          P.S. This e-interview was created on SwiftCloud, of course - this is just one of hundreds of potential uses for the system.

          SwiftCloud is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate by race, religion, gender, sexual preference, caste, or any other protected status.

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