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Direct Hire Only. All information is confidential; current employer (if any) will not be contacted at this stage.

This is for an SEO technician


  • Content Writing is not required, but recommendations will be. Small changes to content (i.e. Yoast SEO meta title) can be done yourself but generally we'll have a native U.S. english writer for content in general. We're a tiny company so we need someone who can see the whole funnel and overall picture.
  • Work anywhere / anytime. We'll have a weekly quick check-in 'scrum meeting' via google chat.
  • Stack on the logged out portion is simple: Wordpress, Google Tags. The logged in portion usually won't need much SEO except for perhaps recommendations on public-facing assets.
  • Our CTA is usually a $1 trial.
  • We'll have retargeting and remarketing set up, but since it's a $1 trial our buying cycle is short and should aim for one-visit-close when possible.
  • I'm not an expert. I know just enough to be dangerous, so need to hire smart people then get out of the way.

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      What's a project of which you're most proud?

      What are your main tools you use the most?

      We are looking to build a team that'll start small and grow. Engineering is now solid and growing, and we need to build a marketing team now including 1 full time offshore writer, 1 native-US editor, one PPC tech, one SEO tech (you?), and a video team. At first, budgets definitely a big issue so the plan is to start with something like 4-8 hours a week on a steady cadence, then grow from there. I'd expect we'll need a full time SEO pro within 12 months.

      Do you think that's a match with you?

      What do you think is the biggest challenge in marketing to small business owners?

      Are you currently working with other B2B companies? If yes, who?

      We try to hire smart people, then get out of the way. We measure rigorously and run a results-driven, metrics-driven workplace.. as we grow we'll be able to pay top of range, but we're not there yet. What's a fair rate for, say, 8 hours of work per week? Note rate is a factor, but not the only factor, we want to find something fair - if we pay too low, you won't care. If you charge more than we can afford, it's simply not a match at this time. This is just a sketch to start with, and if your work is solid, we have a lot more to gain by keeping you and growing the relationship.

      Any notes, questions, things we should know, concerns, good jokes, bad jokes? (optional)

      Thank you for taking the time to let us get to know you a bit!

      Once this is sent, we'll send you a copy, and we'll take a few days to consider.

      Note we generally start people on paid test projects first, then hire on a probationary basis which then leads to permanent hires.

      • I certify all the above information is correct and true.
      • Privacy: The information contained herein will be kept confidential, and if you have an active employer, they will not be contacted until we first discuss with you via chat and are ready to make an offer; most typically we would start with some small (paid) test work first.
      • I authorize SwiftCloud to check into all of the above information for purpose of employment via remote contract as an independent contractor.

      SwiftCloud is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate by race, religion, gender, sexual preference, caste, or any other protected status. We definitely discriminate by technical ability and are looking for exceptional talent & attention to detail.

      Note to workers in the United States: This is a freelance W9 / 1099 freelance position, using your own equipment on your own schedule at this time.

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