Setup Technician / Wordpress Admin

NO AGENCIES: DIRECT HIRE ONLY. Agencies will be ignored.


  1. #1 need: Setup client docs / web-forms for e-Sign using SwiftCloud.AI, setup complex intake-forms like loan applications. Basic hand HTML occasionally required (very basic only, like CSS tags about font size or background color).
  2. Understand SwiftCloud products and set them up properly for clients. (Example: Landing pages, web forms, invoices, etc)
  3. Communicate with the programming team on any bugs, or client-needs we don't have a solution for. When possible find an immediate solution (such as a general input field)
  4. Wordpress misc admin work for services usually related to what we do.

Please see a few minutes of these videos (on the links) before you apply to get a sense for the complexity required:

We have dozens more systems and more on the way, but all will be about that same level of complexity. Note some of our users can barely use a mouse, and prefer to just pay us.

Other times we need to clone templates from one account to another, so using multiple separate browsers is a must.


  1. Attention to detail. The goal is setup complex docs like a loan application, and there are serious stakes when things don't follow the source-docs.
  2. Intelligence: Transferring a paper-style doc will sometimes contain statements like "if yes, then what about X?"; we have a conditional-logic show-hide system (see here to get the idea) we'll use instead.
  3. Basic HTML only. This is not programming work really, but basic HTML is occasionally required (you can just look it up, but as long as you understand the basics - example: add a yellow background-color behind some text). The level of complexity is comparable to Wordpress admin type work.
  4. Willingness to record short screencasts on video for clients or to update our support training.
  5. General familiarity with the web - you need to be great at tasks like going to a client's website, saving their logo, finding their address and phone from the site, copying it into the client's account, etc.


  1. Freedom: Work anywhere, anytime. We just care about results. Digital nomad, parents with kids working from home etc is all fine - we don't mind.
  2. Cool, challenging, interesting work helping small & medium businesses. We are 100% B2B software, selling mostly to small and medium businesses.
  3. Really great people. A-team pro's who want to work with other true professionals. Once you're in, we've got your back - steady pay, fun interesting work, code that you "own" to minimize having to work on other people's code, and code that is used by real-world clients.
  4. Reliable steady pay. Flexible schedule - generally work whenever and where ever you like.


If you can do any of the following please let us know below

  • Wordpress admin (example: Add someone's e-Sign docs into their website, or configure our plugins to work with SwiftCloud), also, update our support files in Wordpress and SwiftCloud.
  • Basic Video editing (optional, but if you know it, tell us) - i.e. to chop down long videos into short topics and add to youtube then into a support page
  • Basic photoshop or basic image editing - example: Take a client's logo-over-white and make it into a punched logo-over-dark that looks good and "on brand".

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      PROFESSIONAL PROFILES (Optional but recommended):

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      How would you do it differently if you did it today?

      Let's say life goes great for the coming 5 years. Not "winning the lottery" great, but all goes well according to your goals. What does your life look like?

      What is the hardest part about what you do?

      What do you most enjoy about what you do?

      What's the video project you are most proud of?

      Why are you proud of this project?

      Rate: We don't have a set budget, of course we want as low as possible, and you want as much as possible - we need to find some balance of talent and cost. Assuming 20 hours a week average, what is a fair rate per hour to start with? We'll grow over time, and the hours will probably grow too. $ per hour (US$)

      Thank you for taking the time to let us get to know you a bit!

      Once this is sent, we'll send you a copy, and we'll take a few days to consider. The next step in our hiring process is to give you some real-world work, which will get increasingly complex over a series of weeks as each level is passed.

      Note we generally start people on paid test projects first, then hire on a probationary basis which then leads to permanent hires.

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